Roll-Balance, Speed Juggling and an Assistant...

Comedy Duo

In their extraordinary vaudeville act world class artist Johann Eine and comedian Micha Messermann present a skillful mixture of speed-juggling, travesty-comedy, slapstick and sensational artistry!

An intoxicating, amazing show with:
  • sensational Roll-Balance with simultanuous 5 ring juggling and head-balancing act!
  • a charming hyperactive incomparable assistant
  • Speed-club-juggling
  • Showdance with handbag-acrobatics and high-heels
  • Comedy Showdance
  • Fire- and / or glow-artistry

" his role as assistant and with his funny ideas Micha Messermann made the audience die laughing!"

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eineundmessermann eineundmessermann Rola Stola

Johann Eine: Juggler and acrobat - started his education at the age of 9 in Uzbekistan, since then he entertains his audience in numerous vaudeville theaters worldwide...!

Micha Messermann: Professional comedian and artist - awarded "Artist of the year 2005 " in the categories comedy and artistry.

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Stage requirements :
  • Width: 4 x 3 Meter
  • Height (min) 3,50 Meter
  • Sound: CD

Length of the act : 7 Minutes
Preparation: 60 Minutes
Setup: 2 Minutes
Cutback: 2 Minutes