Two Musketeers

An intoxicating comedy show with Johann Eine and Waldemar Michel.

Once upon a time two musketeers lived in a beautiful village. They left their homes heading out for the wide world to become famous artists.

There biggest adventure had begun. On there way to glory lots of accidents happen according to there temperaments

In numerous fights they show there courage and fencing skills

An entertaining and exciting Show for everyone, don´t miss it.

One for all and all for one!

What you get:

  • Juggling 6 swords
  • tantalising fighting scenes
  • acrobatic elements
  • horse stunts
  • comedy-show

Windows Media Trailer (2.3 MB)
Photos Photos (7.9 MB, 480dpi)

Stage requirements:
  • Width: 4 x 3 Meter
  • Height min. 3,50 Meter
  • Sound: CD

Show length: 6 Minutes
Preparation: 60 Minutes
Setup: 1 Minute
Cutdown:1 Minute